Cleaning the Living Room Furniture

Your living room must contain a sofa and several chairs for guests to sit on. These furniture can be made from various types of materials. Consider who will stay or visit a home, including pets, when deciding what type of furniture to buy. For example, if you have cats, skins or other expensive furniture it might be a bad idea, especially if the cat refuses to use scratching posts!

Cleaning The Living Room Furniture

The furniture should not only look nice and meet your needs, but also be easy to clean. If you do not take proper care of your furniture, the fabric will soon wear out and your sofa or chairs will look like they are ready for the junkyard.

Even if you are into antiques, this is not a desirable look for your living room. Fortunately, most pieces of living room furniture are easy to maintain if you take care of them regularly.

When cleaning furniture, your best friend is your vacuum cleaner. You should vacuum sofas and other large items at least once a week. Don’t be too quick about this task; make sure you move cushions and vacuum underneath. You should also vacuum crevices or other areas where dirt can be hidden.

It is neither necessary nor desirable to steam clean your furniture. Steam cleaning can actually damage upholstered furniture. Although the fabric may appear dry after steaming is complete, it can actually take up to 5 days for it to free itself of all moisture. During that time, the moisture seeps deep into the upholstery, bringing mold, mildew and dirt with it. In addition, steam cleaning can remove protective layers from upholstery, leaving your furniture more prone to future damage.

You should also stay away from chemical cleansers. These cleansers, which claim to clean furniture, do little good other than making it smell better. The chemicals in them are not good for upholstery; like steam, they can strip the fabric of protection against dirt and debris. In addition, many chemicals actually provide a breeding ground for dirt. In short, chemical cleansers leave you with worn-out furniture, something you neither need nor want.

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