Decor with White, the Coolest Color This Season

The trick to using white shades in your decor is to combine with other color hits. Cover your sofa with one cream cloth and add two chairs to the room in another fabric with a different tone and texture. Complete the appearance with pillows in your favorite color. Lights and accessories must take these colors and move the eyes around the room. Some home decor magazines feature white furniture with large cushions and brightly colored accessories. I especially like the trendy dark pink accent. By displaying pink on a pillow and some other inexpensive pieces, it’s very easy to change it when you fall in love with another color. Your white furniture is like a little black dress. Always classic but can be changed with the seasons and years.

Decor With White, The Coolest Color This Season

Play around with colors until you find the ones that make you happy. White and black are a sought after combination in decorating, enhance these by adding small amounts of an accent color. Bone and gray make a quiet soothing combination but when you add touches of yellow you will give it more personality. Royal blue and white never goes out of style, neither does girly pink and white. An elegant but fresh combination is plum and cream with touches of green.

If you love the throw back look of mid century modern then white decorating works well for you. How about flanking the fireplace of your den with two white leather or vinyl sofas. Orange and turquoise are the colors that come to mind when you think of the groovy decor of the times but other colors fit the style too. An icy blue and lettuce green are a calm combination to use on the walls and in accessories. For a bit more energy in the room pull in red, black and yellow. Modern art that emphasizes these colors will give the white space a focal point.

White and its sister colors are a great starting point for your next home update. Have fun with it. Do not be afraid of it. But to be safeFree Reprint Articles, you may want to ban the ketchup from the room.

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