Decorate The Wall

The walls in our homes usually only become the background of our furniture. But it doesn’t have to be like that and in this season it shouldn’t. Many modern homes have decorative flowers, animals or plants on their walls that make unique designs that are made by themselves.

Decorate The Wall 2

Each season can be a sign to change the decor of the style in interior decoration when the popular ones are shiny furniture in geometric shapes and usually in sharp colors. The trend may be similar but various tools that we can use to make our room sparkle more easily available and many kinds. We can choose freely from various paintings, wallpapers, or even types of plaster.

Can be more specific, what is actually in home decor mode this year? This season the designers recommend dark colors for walls because they are similar to the natural color of the soil. For those who are very brave, homeowners have the option of having very dark, brown or green gray walls. The colors of the soil can be broken down by violet, crimnet, red brick.

The general rule is we don’t avoid colors. Also that might seem unusual to decorate our walls like black. And the structure of the wall may also not be smooth traditionally. Looks good for those with grooves or even small bumps. But everything is done with ordinary simplicity.

Because even using those colors we cannot mix them freely. We should choose one particular color and place home accessories, gadgets, wallpapers, we can make one wall with different paint or wallpaper with large or ornate flower decoration. Ornaments must be large and visible but placed regularly. The same pattern can be repeated on carpets, mats, upholstery.

Mostly in colors and ornaments. Dark walls, black, gray, green and dark blue can be equipped with gold and silver lines, flowers, and other shining elements. Weakness in some fine walls we have to compare with lighter or lighter elements. This makes the regular and original compositions truly modern.

So this year’s home decor is a lot about walls, free wallpapers, and lifestyle accessories with flower ornaments. The ornaments can also be displayed in front of the house – not only as spring flowers in the garden but also as a door to a natural room at your doorstep.