Small Main Bedroom

With property values ‚Äč‚Äčincreasing, cities grow and develop according to maintenance lifestyles, condominium developments are a trend in all major cities, not just large high density metropolises. Here are some tips for living easily in your main bedroom.

Small Main Bedroom

In the small master bedroom, the key is to remain complete. If you can, minimize the amount of furniture and place the bed in the middle of the room.

Depending on the style of design, store a small side table or shelf floating from the wall to visually release the floor space. The choice is to ask an electrician to install a wall-mounted lamp, which can be purchased with an ash arm to adjust the position, which is great for reading on the bed. Save the scale of the lamp according to the side table. Large lights will fill the room.

For a fresh hotel look, keep the bed white or thick neutral color. Keep the number of pillows up to a maximum of 4, and coordinate 2 parts to fit a solid neutral.

If there is no closet space that is enough one of the two lanes for storing clothes. Buy a closed wardrobe system with modular interiors to provide storage from shoes to belts to sweaters. Keep the front door minimalist but compatible with other condos. Paint or buy a closet with the same color as the color of the room wall so that it is not worn on other parts of the room. The second choice for clothing storage is to install open storage systems that represent more urban and industrial. Hang all your clothes neatly on rolled wooden and chrome hangers and let the latest purchase modes become your bedroom artwork.

Store the best items on the screen and use secondary cabinets for clothes that are not specifically available to you.

If there is still a sitting area in your main bedroom, choose a location close to the window. Keep small lounge chairs and share the bedside table for a relaxing coffee table while reading in the sun. If the entrance is low enough, use a bench as a back seat or make a factory worker for a bench and make a padded bench that fits. Most benches provide storage in place which is a good place to store extra beds and pillows.

Most bedrooms use candle holders or table lamps on both sides of the bed enough for general lighting with ceiling mounted equipment for occasional use. If possible, there are 4-6 pot lights hidden in dimmers that ceiling-mounted fixtures can provide for modern aesthetics and provide installation in lighting options. If further lighting is needed for the front clothing system, buy senior lights and hang them from the top of the lid for local task lighting. If the dressing area requires lighting, attach the lamp above the mirror. For lighting in the sitting area, use an adjustable floor lamp placed in the back seat, away from the side hood tab.

If you need a bedroom to get a good bedroom, look for curtains or lined up to provide a blackout. If no coating is available, there are many choices including blinds, horizontal and vertical blinds, romance, roller shades, wood chips, wood woven blinds and trunks / trackdrapery. The choice of these options depends on the window dimensions.